Resin base

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Resin based carbon belt contains the highest proportion of resin ingredients raw materials, can print high density bar code, long service life.

Need high heat conditions for printing, suitable for a variety of membrane label materials, as well as other special materials.

Double SHARK resin based carbon strip has an extremely wide range of products, with a unique back coating technology and special anti-static performance, can protect the print head and extend the life of the print head, at the same time, can meet a variety of alcohol resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and resistance to chemical solvents and other special requirements.

Product model:

S-R600:Resin base

S-R610:High quality resin base

S-R611:High quality resin base

S-R612:High quality resin base

S-R622:Solvent resistant resin base

S-R623:Solvent resistant resin base

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